Some of you have heard of it, others might think from the name it’s some type of fish. Squidoo.com is the brainchild of expert marketer Seth Godin. It’s quickly becoming one of the most trafficked web sites in the world and is a must use for any Guerrilla Marketer.
What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is simply a collection of sites, or len’s as they call them. These len’s can be on any topic (from the environment, to laptop bags, or web design even the upcoming elections) and both business and personal in nature.

The user fills the lens with relevant content, audios, pictures, links and even videos to make it not only informative, but attractive.

Why Should You Use Squidoo.com to market your product/service?

Do a search for laptop bags in google, check out the number 1 result – A Squidoo page. This Squidoo lens is beating out companies that have been trying to get in the top ten of the search engines for years for that phrase.

How did they do it? Simple; content on a site that Google loves. Let me repeat that statement: Google LOVES Squidoo.com because it’s full of content. And if Google loves Squidoo.com, they also love lens’s that were built on the Squidoo.com platform.

How Can I Get Started with Squidoo.com?

Visit Squidoo.com, sign up and create a lens. It’s just that easy! You can create a nice looking lens in under an hour. The key to creating a nice lens is to keep it information driven and fresh. As guerrilla’s know- if you deliver value first, people will respect you, keep coming back for more, and eventually buy from you!

Also, visit SquidU for a plethora of free information.

Happy Squidooing!

By: Michael Tasner, Internet Marketing Expert, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach