Back that thang up

Speaking of your computer, I’m not sure what you were looking for but this is a digital format.  Before the computer age began to dominate our world, backing up was a common term associated with driving a vehicle, then Hip Hop Shop (Juvenile) came out with a song called, “Back That Thang Up”. Now, I’m not talking about driving or dancing.  Backing up now however has a whole new meaning for me, a hard drive backup is necessary when you rely on your computer.


My laptop crashed about three weeks ago and for a moment it seemed my world came crumbling down around me. Not having a system backup is a big risk. Don’t do like I did and wait until you have a system failure to check into the options for a system backup.


I know my next job is dependant on having samples and it’s crucial to backup my work but as a freelance developer, all the income from my projects (minimal)  has gone toward my living expenses which is not uncommon when you’re just starting out.


Be proactive and protect your ASSets, find out what the best hard drive options are before you lose your memory.


Here are a few of my preferences:


For complete system backups

Seagate Replica

Seagate Replica

This 5.6-inch device is an ideal data-disaster-prevention tool. Just plug it in and hit OK; it will continuously back up everything, including your operation system, programs, and settings.

COST: $130 (250 GB, single PC) to $180 (500 GB, multiple PCs)


For automatic backups

Clickfree Backup Drive

Clickfree Backup Drive

There’s no software to install or configure; just plug this 4.5-inch device into a PC, and it starts backing up photos, documents, and more. The ingenious Transformer cable ($60) adds the same capability to a hard drive you already own.

COST: $90 (120 GB) to $220 (550GB)


For locking down data

The 5-inch Maxtor Black Armor absolutely prohibits access without the proper password-not even professional data recovery services can crack it. Easy-to-use software lets users set an automated backup schedule and sync data on multiple computers.

COST: $170 FOR 320 GB


For getting to you data online

Western Digital My Book World Edition

Western Digital My Book World Edition

Access your files from the Web-even if your PCs are turned off. Tech-savvy users can use their 6.8-inch device to back up files remotely, but it isn’t easy. The drive can also stream music to an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

COST: $230 (1TB) or $450 (2TB)


It appears I was lucky this time and I didn’t lose all my hard work, but the next time I plan to protect my ASSets.

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