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The 10 BEST CITIES to start a business

If you’re a business owner in the ATL you’ll find yourself in one of the best places to be among the growing business owners.


“There are 10 cities we think embody the entrepreneurial spirit,” according to Entrepreneur Magazine.


“There’s a simple formula that defines the Atlanta small-business scene: Big growth equals big opportunities. Service and retail businesses are in constant demand all across the metro area to serve the city’s expanding boundaries, and a full portfolio of city-backed loans, grants and tax credits, combined with a low cost of living, makes Atlanta prime real estate for entrepreneurs with franchise dreams. But this city on steroids is interested in attracting startups beyond the usual chain restaurants and dry cleaners.


It’s pushing hard to develop a biotech cluster in what it’s calling the Innovation Crescent, and urban arc from Atlanta to Athens dedicated to life-sciences companies. “’Biotech is looking more and more to coming to Atlanta because of what we offer and our quality of life,” says Lonnie Saboor, manager of small business and industrial finance for the Atlanta Development Authority. “In five to seven years, we’re looking to biotech as a mainstay of job creation and development.’”


Other Cities:

Las Vegas

Portland, Oregon

Orlando, FL

San Diego


Chapel Hill, NC

Atlanta (Russell Rainey, Rainey Compression Essentials

Madison, WS

Youngstown, OH

Austin, TX


The 10 BEST CITIES to start a business

August 2009

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