Bridal Bar Grand Opening Soiree


I enjoy going to events, meeting new people and expanding my professional and personal networks.  Networking doesn’t only take place in stuffy corporate settings, but can also be found at upscale occasions.

About a month ago while in the Perimeter area (another beautiful place in Atlanta) I happened to go into a business meet someone I’m connected with on Twitter (The Bridal Bar).

 I met the owner of the Bridal Bar, Rebecca, a lovely young lady and we connected instantly. I was invited to attend the grand opening of the Bridal Bar and boy was it grand.

The pictures I’m sharing are from the Bridal Bar blog.

 You can see the Soiree in entirety at the Bridal Bar blog…


Huge networking event coming up.

To see more pictures of this fabulous event, visit the Bridal Bar’s blog…

I am getting so excited about the Decatur Book Festival it will be a huge opportunity for me to network. The festival is this weekend and according to the article written in the AJC’s Sunday’s newspaper they are expecting 75,000 attendees this year.

As a digital artist I want to network and provide information about my graphic skills as a book designer.

Using the proper networking techniques and or marketing strategies that are appropriate is vital to the success of your career no matter what industry you’re in.

I will be spending the next few days working out the best networking strategy for this event that will be a success for my business.

The link to their site is:

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