Could your next design earn billions of $$

I stumbled upon the story or Mr. Dior and didn’t actually grasp the concept of how it applies to designers and or artists, until I went back to check out the details in the story. 

“Forty years ago, Mr. Dior worked as a graphic designer at Sandgren & Murtha, a New York City-based marketing company. In 1968, Major League Baseball commissioned the agency to design an original logo.”

Dior’s simple “silhouetted batter” logo took on a life of it’s on and took a company struggling to remain in the public eye during a dire time in history, to become a billion $$ empire.  

Artists and designers are often undervalued for their skills and it’s important as artists to realize the value our skills and talents bring to the table. 

I found alot of weight and value in this message and how it relates to my own abilities. So when you’re contemplating charging pennies on the dollar to get the account, don’t undervalue your skills and talents, remember this story and how this simple “logo was between $10,000 and $25,000”  gave this organization the boost to become a billion dollar empire.

 “Industry tracker “Licensing Letter” estimates revenue of MLB-licensed goods to be $3.3 billion in 2007.”  For the full story visit The Wall Street Journal.

Making money as a Freelance designer

There’s so much going on in my life, I’m living in Atlanta now and I love all the opportunities here to network,  the professional African Americans I’m meeting, and  the wonderful school system for my daughter.  On a personal level, things are progressing better than I could have dare dreamed.

On the other hand things for Lukeither Multimedia and Design aren’t going as well, I have 2.5 clients which is better than I had in Tampa, but doesn’t quite cover all the bills.

I’m extremely happy starting my new career as an entrepreneur, however, there are many challenges daily that require several skills to include, organization, communication and confidence. Being in business for myself requires me to constantly multitask, switch rolls from designer, marketer, customer service, trainer and manager.

I can confidently say that my education, experience and training allow me to handle these challenges effectively and in a timely manner. 

My focus at this point is to create a balance in these responsibilities that will create a lucrative payday.

There are steps necessary to be successful and that is to get the name of my business out there and the services I offer as a designer.

Strategy is important so constant networking,  participation in design forums to sharpen my design skills and share my knowledge and resources, one I signed up with today is Your Design Forum.

Also, register my skills and information with one of the online outsourcing networks at: MyTino.

Sell images at istockphoto.

Well, off I go to make it happen.