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Summary of Press Conference of President Elect Obama

I am focused on politics and the state of the economy like never before and in part due to my daughter’s interest in politics. In case anyone missed the Press Conference, here’s the summary.

Summary of Press Conference of President Elect Obama


Economic challenge requiring swift action.


The current President will remain in charge until 1/20/08..


Bush’s cabinet is keeping him fully informed.


After President Obama becomes active he will address all issues.


Immediate challenges for priority include:barack20obama-aag-007693


Rescue plan for middle class.


Stimulus plan to jump start economic growth.


Spreading impact of the economy which requires a Global response.


Auto crisis/hardship (backbone of financial economy).

            Transition team to help.


Review governments laws to see what can be implemented within the law and evaluate any change necessary.


Set of policies to grow middle calls and grow the economy.

            Significant issues include: Clean energy, health, education.


He is not underestimating the task at hand; choices will be difficult; it won’t be quick or easy to dig ourselves out of the hole. America is strong and resilient if put aside politics.



Stimulus package will be the first thing he gets done if not done in the lame duck session.


            UPS just delivered a package for my daughter’s birthday so I just missed about 10 minutes of the speech.



Successor for the Senate seat (is Governor’s decision).


In Preparation for position as President what have you done?


Spoken with all former Presidents….all that is living, all had been gracious to provide help in the transaction process. Reread Lincoln’s writings.


A lot of focus on the type of Dog: Two criteria: Hypo-allergenic dog (due to Malia is allergic).

            Shelter dogs wont work due (they are mutts like me), won’t be in criteria.


Schools: Wife will make decisions after scouting out. In the future.


Intelligence briefing: no comment (skipped questions)


Tax for upper income citizen: net tax cut, provided for sub. Middle class tax cuts received by 90%, small business for economic growth. Obviously will continue to look at the data to see what is taking place. Provide tax relief and boost economy to grow from the bottom up.







President OBAMA

I woke up this morning very excited with butterflies in my stomach.  There’s lots of buzz and hoopla (parties and celebration) about this historic election process…even Rapper T.I. cast a vote for the first time.    

My daughter is disappointed that she can’t vote in this election, but she’ll have lot’s to celebrate since tomorrow’s her birthday and she’ll wakeup to find out whether or not her candidate is our next president.

There have been lots of reports of mishaps at the polls but it doesn’t seem to be having much effect on citizens’ determination to make sure their voices will be heard and their votes are gonna bring a change. YES WE CAN!!

As a Nation the county has taken some huge steps back and we are all ready for the change.

There are a lot of important issues that the next President will need to resolve, including, but not limited to how soon to bring the troops home, decent jobs for everyone who wants to work, affordable education.

At a time where there’s only one (1) African American Governor and one (1) Senator, (Senator Obama), Barack Obama has proven that African American’s have the potential to rise above the skepticism to become president, a vision even the founding fathers couldn’t see. The Republicans have been focusing on the “lack of experience” that Senator Obama will bring to the White House when in reality people are looking to him to bring hope and change.


It dosen’t take a genius to figure out that Senator Obama brings his own special gifts, skills, ability to unite people. Obama a.k.a. bridge builder, who he is a mix of cultures, although he doesn’t carry many states in the south per Bernice Martin, which were the states her father (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr), gave his life for.


Change, Hope, YES WE CAN!!




Just received the update!!


President Obama