the Seven Essentials

I love shopping at office supply stores for some reason almost as much as at Neiman Marcus or Macy’s (almost). Customer service at Office Depot is informative about their technical merchandise, the store has great deals and quality merchandise.

Last week while shopping at Office Depot for back to school supplies (the word pink caught my eyes) while browsing the magazine section.  Pink was the name of the magazine.

Now I may be developing a love for all thangs “B” and if so that will be my next blog~smile. But the title of the article on the magazine was GROW YOUR FIRM TO $1BILLION.

Ayone who knows me will tell you that I’m a~frugal  shopper~ which I consider a quality. I picked it up after 10 plus years of working with doctors and attorneys in  millionaire status and observing how wisely they spent their money.

Getting back to the article, I’m not here to sell magazines, but I highly recommend getting the July.August 2008 Pink Magazine for your library. The article basically sums of the Seven Essential questions to ask yourself for taking your company to billionaire status.


To Billionaire

By Tiffany Meyers / Pink Magazine

Break through the ordinary

    • What “breakthrough value proposition” do I offer my customers to provide emotionally resonate benefits (life changing)?


  • Get Marquee Customers

    • A successful relationship with customers, vendors and retail outlets can attribute recognition to your business because they become strong advocates. What marquee customers do I have relationships with?


  • Exploit a High-Growth Market

    • Focus on existing high-growth sectors. No need to reinvent the wheel.


  • Make it a family Affair

    • Big brother or sister alliances help gain priceless credibility and market intelligence by providing a broader reach and therefore develop marquee customers.

  • Maintain positive cash flow

    • Focus on high returns on invested capital and high revenue growth.


  • Are lead by a “Dynamic Duo”

    • In that duo, the “inside facing” leader focuses on internal matters like operations. The “outside-facing” leader builds relationships with customers, partners and the community.


  • Assemble the right Board

    • Blueprint company boards include alliance partners, community members, customer’s representatives and a CEO who’s previously taken a company to a billion.


To sum it up:

According  to Mary Petrovich, CEO, Axletech International, without drive, passion and resilience, success~not to mention a billion in revenue~will forever remain a dream, particular for women. “You’ll fail if your intention is to be the best woman at what you do,” says Petrovich, “but if your goal is to be the best at what you do~flat-out, period~you’ll win.”


Resource: Pink Magazine, Finally a magazine for professional women.


Don’t worry guys, I got you to.





2 Responses

  1. Great information! This blog is exceptionally informative for all industries, not just Techies. I have a question for you. Which of the 7 essential questions from Pink Magazine’s article do you believe is the most important question a business owner should ask themselves and why?

  2. Latrice, I’m thrilled that you are able to receive value from the information posted on this blog.

    Thank you for taking the time to post such an astute question.

    I recommend that a business seeking to reach any level of success should work all of these questions into their business plan.

    It lays a solid foundation for management, all the employees and the investors to follow.

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