For the Love of Technology

Today is Friday, June 06, 2008. It’s been three weeks since I was released to cyber breakup space. After being jilted into reality by the sudden breakup (I could say I didn’t see it coming, but there were signs). I’ve finally starting to focus and get back to writing and it feels really good to be back. I hadn’t planned on integrating my life into this technical blog but somehow the lines have been merged.

It may not be breaking news that technology plays a huge part in our lives today. We make travel arrangements online; research health and financial related topics, network, seek various forms of entertainment/relationships. Our digital fingerprints can be found all over the World Wide Web.

Since becoming a web designer, technology consumes about 4 hours of my day, on a slow day, with the time I spend posting to my blogs, networking, and researching.

The cyber EX (we won’t mention any names to protect the innocent) was a dear friend who was there for me after my mother passed and during the time I was trying to save my home so I was a little surprised. Did this ever happen to Bill Gates? Hey Bill what’s up, can I get some cyber compensation?

It’s been three weeks since I was dumped via technology (I’m pissed and he doesn’t seem to have a clues as to why). Now I know this is but I didn’t mean for digital technology to be all up in my life wrecking –it.
On my walk this morning I couldn’t help but consider where the reality of my life stops and my digital world begins. Have I gotten in to deep to get out, or do I even want to get out?

Nonetheless, this actually brings me to my next digital topic “the message in the media”. Advertising and marketing students all over the globe should be familiar with this phrase which identifies the best medium to use that will be effective in its impact of reaching your “target” audience.

Focus is a vital key to maintaing a successful blog and since this blog is a major source for my future endeavors I can’t continue to feel sorry for myself. I’ve decided I will continue to embrace this fabulous technology and share its vast resources with others like myself, attempting to utilize it effectively.

I’m certain my marketing article wouldn’t have included the insight and debth pre-cyber break up so thanks sweetie for clarifying this topic for me. I’m sure my advertising teacher would say, “I told you so”.

Please come back for a dynamic marketing series begins: July 11th

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